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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Rails and Tracks

I was on a location scout a couple of months ago and we had to find areas that trains could be shot from above while in deserted landscapes. So we […]


I was digging thru my archives the other day and ran upon a shoot i did years ago. It was for a church organisation that helps all kinds of people […]

Eiffel Tower- line art

Hey everyone, When i was in Paris awhile back, i was really struck by the raw exposed steel structure and lines of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to get to […]

Locker 14 at play

Here a few pixs that i created to show us (locker14) in some “usual” kind of scenarios for work…   And yes we have shot from ropes and in severe […]

A Whiskey Tour

Hey everyone,   I was given a great opportunity to have a private tour of the 3 ships- Bains Whiskey distillery in  Wellington the other day.   It was really […]


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