Hey Everyone,

It has been a full non-stop month of crazy and great work!

I was lucky enough to work on the launch of the new Eden Bleu Hotel in the Seychelles.

Everyone has been asking what it was like… Well it was 5 – 21 hour days with 1 – 18 hour day and a leisurely 16 hour day to round it off!

My awesome client felt bad about it all and organised us a Saturday morning sail around the island for a few hours and then we did a 10 hour day after that, Oh, and Saturday was our day off… Haa. haa….

So here are a few pixs i shot from a private deserted little beach on the backside of the island that i had the captain take me to while everyone else was swimming with wild dolphins. I kid you not! It was just what the doctor ordered…








All the best,