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Category Archives: Locker 14 News & Personal Work- Bryan Traylor

Rails and Tracks

I was on a location scout a couple of months ago and we had to find areas that trains could be shot from above while in deserted landscapes. So we […]


I was digging thru my archives the other day and ran upon a shoot i did years ago. It was for a church organisation that helps all kinds of people […]

Eiffel Tower- line art

Hey everyone, When i was in Paris awhile back, i was really struck by the raw exposed steel structure and lines of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to get to […]

Locker 14 at play

Here a few pixs that i created to show us (locker14) in some “usual” kind of scenarios for work…   And yes we have shot from ropes and in severe […]

A Whiskey Tour

Hey everyone,   I was given a great opportunity to have a private tour of the 3 ships- Bains Whiskey distillery in  Wellington the other day.   It was really […]

Planes, Trains and Me- Paddington Station

Hey Everyone,   Here are some  pixs i took on the Express from Heathrow to Paddington.  When i got off the train there were hardly any people around on a […]

Planes, Trains and Me- Terminal 5

Hey Everyone,   This was what it was like at 7 in the morning at Heathrow Airport waiting for the Express to Paddington.   Had a Horror film kind of […]

Planes, Trains and Me- Airport

Hey Everybody,   When i went over this past Holidays to the UK, it was the first time i ever left the airport. So here are a few things that […]

Creative Circle awards Locker 14 for Beegle Ads

Check it out! It is always so great to get some recognition for cool work. To see the finals goto Locker 14 under Conceptual! All the best, Bryan

Cape Winelands

Hey everyone, Here are a couple of shots i took awhile back during a location scout. I played with a bit of a treatment and turned nice shots into something […]


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