I have to say I get some amazing jobs now and then. And this would be one of them. I never wrote about it in “One of those rare opportunities” because I hadn’t started HardWorkEthic back when it happened. But I will share a little about how these images came to be in my personal collection.


Turns out a few years back I was approached to do some work with Harley Davidson Africa. These guys wanted me to document the launch of the new Harley bikes and upgrades for a select group of worldwide journalists. Now I have always like bikes and the “laid back mentality” of a Harley ride suits me well. It’s all about companionship and finding a great piece of road to ride on while watching the beautiful world go by… Awesome!



So when they offered me this opportunity, I jumped at it! I shoot a lot of cars, but it is not to often I get to shot bikes. Especially when they are out on a road trip. To sum it up I did the 4-day shot with Harley. We went from Cape Town up into the Western Cape and then came back. 16 journalists in total I shot for, by myself mind you! We did groups of 8 on each leg. So all the riders had two days on the bikes…


I got some great stuff out of all that and so did all the journalist. So a year passes or so and I get another call from Michael over at Harley, asking me if I would be keen to do it again? I said, “Sure. Where are we going this time?” He replies back Egypt! I remember this moment quite well. I said something like, “Whatever! Really. Where are we going?” He said he was serious and I had to get him a quote ASAP!


I hung up the phone and started crunching numbers and working out rentals and all the nitty gritty stuff so we could be him a quote by the end of the day.

Got the numbers in. They were approved. And 4 days later I was on my way to Egypt to meet them all there. The one thing I have to say about these trips is that they are VERY long and tedious! I usually have to work by myself, as the budgets are not great. And every day starts off around 5am and ends around 2am. So 3 to 4 hours of sleep a day for a week or so, gets to you a bit! But nothing I can’t handle….


So I get to Egypt and finally figure out how to get to the other side of the airport, as they remodeling the whole place and no one speaks English well at all. I have to get to the local terminal to meet the Harley guys so we can fly down to Port Halaieb to start the tour.
I end up walking about 2 k’s with all my camera crap in 40-degree heat! Not to mention is was a hell of a trip up! Just crying babies and smelly people… Traveling is rough at times in Africa…


Well, I make if of course and we all are excited to see each other. I know all the guys so it is like a bit of a party atmosphere. We fly down and get to the hotel and everyone gets settled. I literally just got out of the shower, when my phone rings and it is Michael asking me if I am ready to go and get some shots of the bikes? Of course…

So we go and meet our local Harley Egyptian tour guides and we all get on great! What lovely, down to earth people. So we all go for a cruise down to the ocean and I do some group portrait shots of them. A nice cold beer and we are back on our way to the Hotel.


That evening all the journalists were arriving as we are having a big welcome party in the bar area for them. Harley banners and branding are everywhere. Looks awesome and what a party we had. Little to say, a few of the guys were late for our 5 am call time to ride out. Need I say more? Ha-ha


So the plan was to ride all day to Luxor and then stay the night. Then the next day stop and see some sites and ride back Port Halaieb. We had 3 groups of 12 to 15 journalists every two days. So 6 days non-stop riding and shooting for like 20 hours a day. Son of a Bitch! That was rough… Got some amazing shots and slept sitting up or leaning against something the rest of the time.


Because we were on bikes all the time, you are constantly in contact with the world around you. Thus I was able to get great photos all the time. Also with these tours we ride for about an hour and then we take a break. People switch bikes and relax and refresh and then we are off again. A great way to travel is on a bike. Especially a Harley…


At many of the places we stopped we meet amazing local people. They were very curious about us, as we had like 20 bikes arriving all together. So everyone knew when we arrived, if you know what I mean! Very, very loud… This gave me great opportunities to capture moments and some of the local scenerary and people.


To view some of these images visit the website www.locker14.com and goto Landscape- Travel




Because I was there for work first, most of my time was spent shooting everyone test-driving the bikes and specific things the journalist requested.


To view these images visit the website www.locker14.com and goto Vehicles- Automotive


We also stopped at a few Temples along the way.


To view these images visit the website www.locker14.com and goto Landscapes- Travel




It was a total of 8 days we were there and it was such an amazing experience! I would go back tomorrow and do it all over again.


All the best,