Hi everyone,


I would like to share with you a couple of the behind the scenes shots from the “Web Commercial” we did for Smirnoff Ice.  It was a crazy shoot as the concept was to create a “real drum kit” out of ice and have a kick ass drummer go crazy on them!


It took us about two weeks to have the ice drums made and it was quite a process as we had to sit with the guys over at ICE ART and work with them closely to make sure we were going to get what we wanted.  They made us two drum sets and they were AWESOME!


To sum it up, we had 4 cameras on set.  1 RED Scarlet, 2 Cannon 5D’s and 1 Cannon 7D.  Plus all kind of gibs and dollies and fun stuff.


I didnt want to shoot this in a cold room as it poses a lot of problems with digital equipment and lens, so we opted to shoot it for real in a sound stage and “let it melt”.  That was the best decision i made as far as the look and feel.  In the video you see the kit melting and it becomes more fragile as it warms up so it breaks easier.


There are only a few behind the scene shots sense everyone was busy shooting most of the time. But go and check out the video at Locker 14.











Thanks for checking out the work. We are going to make this into a TVC sometime in the next few weeks which will be incredible!


All the best,