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Awards for Locker 14

  Bryan and Locker 14  have won many honors and awards in the past couple of years.  Here are some of his distinctions:   SA Loerie Advertising Awards  – Gold for […]

Prestige – Luxury Brand Photographer

Pix Mag – The Lighting Fantastic Guy

Engin Mag – Space for Creative Pros – Article


I just had to show this, as it was my base camp for a day as I was shooting Landscapes from a helicopter all day in Namibia.   A dream […]

Mitsubishi – Brochure

One awesome day out in the Dunes…   We waited for perfect light and then nailed it on the second shot!   Love days like this…   Check it out… […]

Windhoek – Land Rover

This was an incredible job as we got to go out and “thrash” on a brand new Land Rover Discovery!   This campaign was to give the Discovery away as […]

Harley Davidson – Egypt Tour

Harley Davidson- Egypt Tour   We spent 9 days in Egypt touring with Harley Davidson Africa/ Middle East.   It was some of the most beautiful, desolate country I have […]

Djarum – Wilderbeast

Ok, here is another part of the story of these 3 guys adventure.   This one they run along with a herd of Wilder beasts… As you do when on […]

Djarum Waterfall

Djarum Waterfall- Behind the Scenes   OK! Here is another part of the overall stories of the Adventure these guys are on. First was the dust storm. Now crossing a […]


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