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A visual phenomena

Hey everyone, I was looking thru my Archives the other day and i ran across two images that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but yet they are […]

Warm sands

While we were out location scouting awhile back we stumbled upon this area with the most amazing settings. So, me and my assistant Paul, got out and went for a […]

Cape Winelands

Hey everyone, Here are a couple of shots i took awhile back during a location scout. I played with a bit of a treatment and turned nice shots into something […]

Toilette Humour

Ok.  I know this is going to be a bit weird, but i had to shoot some bathrooms the other day for a company that sells bathroom fixtures. No for […]

Archive Top 200 Ad Photographers World Wide 2012-13



I just had to show this, as it was my base camp for a day as I was shooting Landscapes from a helicopter all day in Namibia.   A dream […]

Djarum – Wilderbeast

Ok, here is another part of the story of these 3 guys adventure.   This one they run along with a herd of Wilder beasts… As you do when on […]

Djarum Waterfall

Djarum Waterfall- Behind the Scenes   OK! Here is another part of the overall stories of the Adventure these guys are on. First was the dust storm. Now crossing a […]


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