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J&B MET 2014

Hey Everyone,   We just finished up the new edition of the J&B MET poster for 2014.  This year the focus was on textures, patterns and style!   We had […]

Bryan Traylor hosts evening on “Understanding the Advertising Brief”

Hey everyone,   I received a nice email the other day asking if i would host an informal talk on “understanding the Advertising brief” from a photographers point of view. […]

Milk Bar

Hey Everyone,   This is a little fashion spin on the killer Milk-bar scene in  “Clock Work Orange.”   Enjoy…     Thanks for checking out the work… All the […]

Star Beer- “Shine on Nigeria” Campaign

Hey everyone,   We just finished up with a great 3 day shoot for Star Beer’s new “Shine on” campaign for the FIFA World Cup 2014.   We shot the […]

Play time…

Ok…   We were shooting in the studios over at Photo Hire awhile back and we found these left over props in the studio…   And being a bunch of […]

Locker 14 showcased on Creative Cape Town

Hey everyone,   Locker 14 has been selected to be showcased on the Creative Cape Town website this month.   I am very proud to be apart of such a […]

My favourite weather- A beach moment

And Yes! At the beach again. This day was quite a bit different than the previous day out looking for locations. This one shot just makes me go all gooey […]


This was a shoot i did years ago.  It was for an NGO that helped people who had troubles within Townships.  Some had aids.  Other were drug abusers.  Some had […]

Cerulean- My first published work

“Cerulean” came about in 1997 when I was sharing some images I had shot in Charleston, South Carolina earlier that year with an amazing woman who helps people self publish […]

Land Rover- One of Those Rare Opportunities.4

Welcome everyone to another installment of “OTRO”   Ok.  This is one of those opportunities that doesn’t come around to often.  Thus being “Rare.”  And it all started with a […]


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