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The wonders of water

Hey Everyone, Here are a couple of backgrounds we created for other shoots.  I just really like them on there own… And here they are… All the best, Bryan

A park like no other…

Awhile ago i was location scouting some parks and we happened onto this amazing park. It was early morning and the light was great. The Tech scouting pixs were so […]

A visual phenomena

Hey everyone, I was looking thru my Archives the other day and i ran across two images that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, but yet they are […]


I find myself a lot in the sand as we live next to the ocean and have some great land locked dunes fields as well. This one just caught my […]

Warm sands

While we were out location scouting awhile back we stumbled upon this area with the most amazing settings. So, me and my assistant Paul, got out and went for a […]

Dark sun- rise & set

There is just something i really dig about mood and deep colours. These images were taken in Muizenburg at sunrise and Sea Point at sunset. Deep. Rich. Moody. Warm… All […]

Rails and Tracks

I was on a location scout a couple of months ago and we had to find areas that trains could be shot from above while in deserted landscapes. So we […]


I was digging thru my archives the other day and ran upon a shoot i did years ago. It was for a church organisation that helps all kinds of people […]

Eiffel Tower- line art

Hey everyone, When i was in Paris awhile back, i was really struck by the raw exposed steel structure and lines of the Eiffel Tower. We wanted to get to […]

Planes, Trains and Me- Paddington Station

Hey Everyone,   Here are some  pixs i took on the Express from Heathrow to Paddington.  When i got off the train there were hardly any people around on a […]


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