Hey everyone,

Now every now and then i get to shoot in a space or photograph something i haven’t shot before. Now this was a first on both levels for me.

The guys and gals over at BBDO140 Cape Town gave me the chance to shoot a VISI cover, but with a bit of a twist.

The idea is that inside the magazine is a piece of the lamp shade made out of paper that you put together yourself over a few issues. Cool idea! So i was in instantly. Had never shot a paper lamp before, so sounds interesting.

But then they told me they wanted to shoot in the Cape Town sewer system! Ok? Right… So we went location scouting for old tunnels as they wanted a tunnel feeling for the ad.

We got permission to shoot down in the old sewer and service tunnels of the “Cape Town Castle”. Now these places aren’t used and very very old to say the least.

So we found the tunnel which has water running thru it and nice big rats and all kind of creapy crawly things…

Oh, yeah and one other thing. There isnt power down there. Ah! So we had to carry a genie all the way around the castle to “a whole in the ground” that we drop down into with the ladder we had to bring ourselves.

The biggest challenge was to get the lamps to stay on the ceiling because of the old brick and moisture. We ended up hanging it from a C-stand and comping the light into a plate of the tunnel.

Check it out.

Just another day in the life of a photographer.


Until the next one,