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Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Marketing Site – Cowell’s Local Nemesis Results In Search For Hot Local Talent For M-Net’s New Photographic Reality Show

Read the article here.  

Prestige – Luxury Brand Photographer

Pix Mag – The Lighting Fantastic Guy

Media Update – M-Net premieres new photographic reality show

Click here to read the article.  

Engin Mag – Space for Creative Pros – Article

Destiny Magazine- Interview with Bryan Traylor / Locker 14

Weekend Argus – Sharp Shooter Article.


Sharp Shooter – Reality TV Show

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, around 1ish, that my cell phone rang as I was busy retouching some work.  I glanced over and saw the infamous  “BLOCKED” logo […]

Best Life – Power Suits

I really enjoy when I get the chance to go outside and play. Especially with a fashion shoot! This shoot turned out to be quite “iconic” in “look and feel.” […]

Pongracz – Advertorial

This was an awesome shoot, as we had to shoot all 3 different bottles of Pongracz.   Each bottle had it’s own set and special coloring as well as “Look […]


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