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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Johnnie Walker- Nigeria- Mr. Samson Sia Sia

Hi Everyone,   While we were in Ghana all ready shooting Mr.Amoabeng for Johnny Walker African Giants, we flew Mr. Samson Sia Sia over so we could shoot his TVC […]

Johnnie Walker- Ghana- Mr. Kofi Amoabeng

Hi Everyone,   We just got back from 8 days in Ghana shooting Johnny Walker African Gaints. The first 4 days were shooting a TVC and Billboards for Mr Kofi […]

Santam Agri Shoot

Hi Everyone,   We just finished up a whirl wind tour of the “flat lands” outside of Bleomfontain. It was a great shoot and we had such a great group […]

Kenya- Stills on a TV set

All right. I started out writing about the images of Kenya in Locker 14’s “collection” subheading. It is always nice to give some background and depth to the images I […]

Orange – One of Those Rare Opportunities.6

You will have to excuse the fact that this story is out of sequences with all the other “Rare Opp Stories.” This was meant to be a quick little insight […]

Egypt, Temples and some Harley’s…

I have to say I get some amazing jobs now and then. And this would be one of them. I never wrote about it in “One of those rare opportunities” […]

14 Stations of Christ

While I was going to the College in Charleston, South Carolina I would drive back west in the summers to work in Colorado and / or visit my parents in […]

Robben Island- A private tour

I moved to SA in July 2001 and it was quite a culture shock and new exciting time for me. I had move to Cape Town by myself to start […]

Cerulean- My first published work

“Cerulean” came about in 1997 when I was sharing some images I had shot in Charleston, South Carolina earlier that year with an amazing woman who helps people self publish […]


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