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Kenya- Stills on a TV set

All right. I started out writing about the images of Kenya in Locker 14’s “collection” subheading. It is always nice to give some background and depth to the images I […]

Egypt, Temples and some Harley’s…

I have to say I get some amazing jobs now and then. And this would be one of them. I never wrote about it in “One of those rare opportunities” […]

14 Stations of Christ

While I was going to the College in Charleston, South Carolina I would drive back west in the summers to work in Colorado and / or visit my parents in […]

Robben Island- A private tour

I moved to SA in July 2001 and it was quite a culture shock and new exciting time for me. I had move to Cape Town by myself to start […]

Cerulean- My first published work

“Cerulean” came about in 1997 when I was sharing some images I had shot in Charleston, South Carolina earlier that year with an amazing woman who helps people self publish […]


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