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Category Archives: One of Those Rare Opportunities – Stories

Johnnie Walker/ Ghana – One of Those Rare Opportunities.7

I have to say, that it has taken me quite a while to write this story.  Yes, we have been busy with work and many other projects, but I have […]

Orange – One of Those Rare Opportunities.6

You will have to excuse the fact that this story is out of sequences with all the other “Rare Opp Stories.” This was meant to be a quick little insight […]

Freightliner- One of Those Rare Opportunities.5

“One of Those Rare Opportunities.5 –  “Freightliner- Raising the Bar.”   Well, I know it has been awhile, but I am back with another installation of  “One of those Rare […]

Land Rover- One of Those Rare Opportunities.4

Welcome everyone to another installment of “OTRO”   Ok.  This is one of those opportunities that doesn’t come around to often.  Thus being “Rare.”  And it all started with a […]

Sharp Shooter – Reality TV Show

    It was a Wednesday afternoon, around 1ish, that my cell phone rang as I was busy retouching some work.  I glanced over and saw the infamous  “BLOCKED” logo […]

FreeWorld – One of Those Rare Opportunities.3

Well here we are the last installment of the “FREEWORLD Trilogy.” Que the sound track from “Star Wars… Dunta dunta dahh…” For those of you who are just joining in […]

FreeWorld – One of Those Rare Opportunities.2

Yes, you guessed it!  It’s time for the second shoot “the Desert”!   And anyone who doesn’t know about the first shoot should really keep up with what’s going on.  […]

FreeWorld – One of those Rare Opportunities.1

One of those Rare Opportunities   Ok. You are probably thinking to yourself, “What the hell is this guy on about?” Well, damn good question and here it is! A […]


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