All right. I started out writing about the images of Kenya in Locker 14’s “collection” subheading. It is always nice to give some background and depth to the images I shoot. I like to do this with stories. I really truly enjoy writing about this stuff as it is all true and you just can’t make up shit like this! Reality is the biggest thrill there is. Hands down!




Ok, I sidetracked there… Sorry. But I started to explain the story behind this collection and next thing I knew I was on page like 6. And after reading thru it, I realized it belongs in “One of Those Rare Opportunities” instead of Personal Projects. So if you are keen to really understand what happened in Kenya, please give it a read.

As far as this collection of images goes, when I was in Kenya I was sent there to shoot 2 billboard print ads for the launch of “Orange Cellular” in Kenya. I would be shooting along side a TVC at the same time. Read the story to get the details. It is worth it!


So I also ended up doing 21 individual print ads as well. That is something I didn’t share in the other story! So this one is relevant as well. We shot in many random and amazing areas around Nairobi. Meet some incredible people along the way and had such special moments with some of them.


I was able to achieve such great images due the fact I had TV commercial budgets doing all the set dressing and casting. Helps to have the “big bucks”!


I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed shooting them.


To see the entire collection visit and goto Landscapes – Travel.

Thanks for your time and all the best,